Meet your Success Specialist

Our student success specialists can direct you to the most fitting resources for your situation and interests, as well as minimize your need to visit various campus departments to find answers. At the Student Success Center, we can help you with:

  • Problem solve and answer questions
  • Find FREE campus resources, programs, and services
  • Explore major and career options
  • Basic Needs support
  • Academic Alert & Dismissal
  • A welcoming place on campus

Receive one-on-one help from your success specialist by dropping by our office on Main Campus, Building N, Room 4.

Agriculture, Business & Industries Meta-Major: Jose Zavala

photo of jose in front of welcome center


Arts & Languages Meta-Major:
Dulce Montano

photo of dulce in front of the welcome center


Health Sciences Meta-Major:
Lupita Barron

photo of lupita in front of welcome center


Social Sciences Meta-Major:
 Fatima Barron

photo of fatima in front of welcome center


STEM Meta-Major:
Leticia Sanchez

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Dean of Student Equity and Pathways:
Tracey Gomez, EdD

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Who To Contact

    Student Success Center
    Phone: (831) 770-7060
    Building: 91少女 Main Campus
    Office: Building N, Room 4
    411 Central Avenue, Salinas, CA 93901


  • N - Merrill Hall

    N - Merrill Hall