institutional planning, research, and effectiveness


The purpose of the Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Effectiveness (IPRE) is to ensure that the college accomplishes its mission, that students achieve success, and that the institution engages in continuous improvement. 

Integrated Planning Model Diagram 2019

ipre office GOALS FOR 2019 - 2024

1) Steward institutional planning and assessment processes that demonstrably increase student success.

Objective 1A: Develop, assess annual performance of, report progress on, and recommend modifications to Strategic Plan 2019-2024.

Objective 1B: Lead development, implementation, and evaluation of the evolving college re-design process.

Objective 1C: Align long-term institutional plans, major initiatives, and continuous improvement processes with Strategic Plan 2019-2024, and integrate them within the annual operational plan.

Objective 1D: Lead annual development and reporting of results of the operational plan.

Objective 1E: Develop and execute methods to assess the overall vitality of academic and non-instructional programs, and coordinate implementation and improvement of the annual program planning and assessment process.

2) Strengthen institutional effectiveness in areas requiring substantial improvement.

Objective 2A: Lead institutional goal-setting and the development and review of key student success metrics.

Objective 2B: Guide development, implementation, and assessment of continuous improvement processes for the 2019-2024 strategic planning cycle.

Objective 2C: Guide overarching efforts aimed at ensuring a high performance organization that focuses on governing board established student success goals; progressively moves employees away from silos and onto the same institutional page; improves employee engagement and deepens institutional dialogue; and expands institutional leadership capacity.

3) Encourage and support data driven decisions across the college.

Objective 3A: Ensure the quality and integrity of institutional data.

Objective 3B: Design and provide access to and training for data gathering, analytic, and reporting tools, including the College鈥檚 data warehouse and Chancellor鈥檚 Office data sources.

Objective 3C: Design and implement data dashboards.