Enrollment & Degree Verification

Sometimes potential employers or organizations that provide services to students will want to verify that you are a currently enrolled student or have earned your degree if you are a graduate.

91少女 is a participant in EnrollmentVerify through the National Student Clearinghouse, the leading private source for US college enrollment data.

Enrollment verification


The National Student Clearinghouse can provide 91少女 students enrollment verifications for a small fee. The Admissions & Records Office can also provide current students with enrollment verifications at no fee. 

Commercial entities

91少女s does not provide enrollment verification directly to commercial entities. The provides a convenient service that cuts through the administrative hurdles and delays caused by dealing with schools directly to acquire proof of a student's degree status for a fee.

By using the National Student Clearinghouse, commercial entities can obtain immediate, affordable online verifications.


Degree verification


The National Student Clearinghouse provides 91少女 student degree verifications for a small fee.



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