Required Major Courses

  • BIO鈥5 鈥 Human Anatomy 
  • BIO鈥6 鈥 Introductory Physiology 
  • BIO鈥6L 鈥 Physiology Laboratory
  • BIO鈥10 鈥 General Biology 
  • CHM鈥1A 鈥 The General Chemistry I 
CHM鈥22 鈥 The Science of Chemistry I 
  • HED鈥2 鈥 Individual Health and Wellness 
  • HES鈥1 鈥 Introduction to Public Health
  • MAT鈥13 鈥 Elementary Statistics 
  • PSY鈥2 鈥 General Psychology 

Major Electives (Complete 3 units (1 course))

ECO鈥1 鈥 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO鈥5 鈥 Principles of Microeconomics 
HES鈥2 鈥 Health and Social Justice 
HES鈥3 鈥 Drug, Health and Society 
NUTR鈥1 鈥 Nutrition 
PSY鈥15 鈥 Human Sexuality 
SOC鈥1 鈥 Introduction to Sociology 


General Education 鈥 Required Courses

Students must complete one of the following General Education Plans:

颁厂鲍鈥怗贰&苍产蝉辫; (2020-2021 91少女 Catalog, see page 70)
IGETC (2020-2021 91少女 Catalog, see page 72)


Students can double鈥恈ount required courses and courses for General Education

Electives (Courses Numbered 1鈥99) required when degree units plus GE units total fewer than 60 units.