Courses in agricultural business and technology provide students with skills valuable to businesses within the Central Coast produce industry or with one of the numerous companies providing support services and products. Many of the courses are fully transferable to the California State University and University of California systems. Internships and work experience are an important part of the program, providing students with experience and contacts in the local produce industry. Many local employees started their career paths in the agriculture program at 91少女. The hands-on, practical approach helps students to find opportunities in a wide range of industry positions: product managers, quality control supervisors, food safety managers, produce sales, supplies and services sales, horticultural technicians in greenhouses, laboratory assistants, growers, labor contractors, pest control advisors, etc. Come find your future in the dynamic industry of agriculture!


Upon successful completion of the Agriculture program, a student should be able to:

鈥 Demonstrate problem-solving techniques and critical thinking skills while engaged in job situations.

鈥 Prepare and deliver business documents and use math skills in appropriate form, format, and language essential for career success in an agriculture business setting.

鈥 Demonstrate professional and personal development of work habits and safety practices.

Agriculture Business Associate in Science for Transfer


Agriculture Plant Science Overview

Agriculture Plant Science Associate in Science for Transfer (A.S.鈥怲)

Who To Contact

  • Dr. Steven Triano
    Agricultural Business Technology Faculty
    Phone: 831-755-6961
    Building: 91少女 Alisal Campus
    Office: AC-C101
    1752 E. Alisal Street, Salinas, CA 93905
  • Dr. Emily Rustad
    Agricultural Business Technology Faculty
    Phone: 831-755-6850
    Building: 91少女  Alisal Campus
    Office: AC-A104
    1752 E. Alisal Street, Salinas CA 93905
  • Celia Anderson
    Program Assistant II (CTE) 
    Phone: 831-755-6798
    Building: 91少女 Alisal Campus
    Office: AC-C207
    1752 E. Alisal Street, Salinas CA 93905
  • Julio Martinez
    Science Laboratory Technician
    Phone: 831-759-6099
    Building: 91少女 Alisal Campus
    Office: AC- C204
    1752 E. Alisal Street, Salinas CA 93905